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Wool nylon cotton air yarn : FY-HF3783
Acrylic polyester wool yarn : FY-HF3775
Viscose polyester nylon yarn : FY-HF3773
Wool nylon slub air yarn : FY-HF3760
Wool nylon blend air yarn : FY-HF3757
Wool cotton blend air yarn : FY-HF3743
Wool polyester acrylic yarn : FY-HF3739
Wool polyester alpaca yarn : FY-HF3729
Wool nylon blend air yarn : FY-HF3712
Wool nylon alpaca with lurex : FY-HF3710
Wool alpaca nylon with lurex : FY-HF3709
Wool acrylic with metallic yarn : FY-HF3708
Wool nylon acrylic air yarn : FY-HF3707
PBT nylon acrylic cover yarn : FY-HF3706
Viscose acrylic blended yarn : FY-HF3705
Wool acrylic cover spun yarn : FY-HF3704
Wool polyester blended yarn : FY-HF3703
Alpaca wool nylon air yarn : FY-HF3702
Mohair wool nylon acrylic yarn : FY-HF3701
Wool nylon acrylic air yarn : FY-HF3700
Wool polyester acrylic yarns : FY-HF3711

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