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SMB YARN is one of the leading suppliers of knitting yarns, including fancy yarns, classic yarns, wool yarns, mohair yarns, cotton yarns, metallic yarns and various kinds of blended yarns in China, who specialize in this line many years and enjoy popular all around the world. It located in Shanghai city, have a very convenient transportation.

As different markets and customers, we can supply various kinds of Novelty yarns, Fashion yarns, Fantasy yarns, Fantasia yarns, Fancy yarns, such as Flower yarn, Mesh yarn, Net yarn, Fishnet yarn, Ribbon yarn, Tape yarn, Hollow yarn, Lily yarn, Pompom yarn, Ladder yarn, Eyelash yarn, Feather yarn, Slub yarn, Rainbow yarn, Chenille yarn, Weave yarn, Railway yarn, Fishing Net yarn, and Twisted yarns. Classic Yarns, such as different kinds of Acrylic yarns, blends yarns. Wool Yarns, Cotton Yarns, Mohair Yarns, Air yarns, and Blended Yarns. Its annual output capacity is 500 tons and the products sell well both in China and European and American Markets, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, England, America, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Aslo for Aisan market, Japan, Korea and Australia. The annual value overruns USD4,000,000.

All Shanghai SMB workers belive in "Better Quality, Better Services and Faster shipping"!

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